Preparation for Hajj

Preparations for Hajj begin on the 8th day of Dhul-Hijjah. Residents of Makkah and those who wish to perform Hajj Al-Tamattu can enter ihram from their residence inside Makkah. If you have just completed your Umrah, you do not need to wash the ihram before you don it for Hajj again; simply cleanse yourself with water to freshen up. Others who may be performing Hajj Al-Ifrad or Hajj Al-Qiran should enter ihram at the station (Al Miqat) on the way to Makkah.

It is sunnah to be in ihram before you enter the holy city of Makkah. If you’re arriving from overseas, you may cleanse yourself, trim your nails and beard at home; and put on your white izhar and rida before you get off the aeroplane. Women may put on a white robe or their usual hijab to cover everything except their face and hands. Please click here to see a list of all the prohibitions of Ihram.

Once you have entered the state of ihram, declared niyaa and said the talbiyah, you are ready to begin Hajj as a Hajji.